There are Few Limitations on Post Judgment Discovery.

Frequently we are exposed to lawyers who do not know the rules change once a judgment has been entered. For instance, before trial you are limited as to the amount of discovery that can be conducted. For example, you are only allowed to send 25 interrogatories before trial. However, that limitation does not exist when you are collecting a judgment. So our ability to use the rules to gather the information we need to collect or judgment is virtually unlimited, so long as the request is reasonably calculated to lead to information about the assets of the debtor.

The Abstract
Affecting the Debtor’s Credit Score
Writ of Garnishment
Post-Judgment Investigation
Post-Judgment Written Discovery
Post-Judgment Deposition
Motion to Compel
Motion for Contempt
Arresting the Debtor
Discovery Has No Limits
Motion for Turnover
Appointing a Receiver
Writ of Execution
Property Exempt from Execution
Spousal Property
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