Post-Judgment Investigation

There are a number of cost-effective means to investigate the debtor. This normally results from checking databases of public information like driver’s licenses, deeds, telephone records, car registrations, marriage licenses, etc. On cases that merit the expense, we utilize various investigators to determine the assets that are available for execution. This cost can run as little as five hundred dollars and can run as high as three or four thousand dollars. We are careful to analyze each situation before determining we should hire an investigator.

But our experience is that the client has a great deal of information that would be useful to us. What kind of car they drive, where they bank, who their girlfriend is, etc. These things are as valuable to us as the database information that we are able to acquire. We always encourage all clients to keep good records about their customers and debtors. You never know what information we will need.


The Abstract
Affecting the Debtor’s Credit Score
Writ of Garnishment
Post-Judgment Investigation
Post-Judgment Written Discovery
Post-Judgment Deposition
Motion to Compel
Motion for Contempt
Arresting the Debtor
Discovery Has No Limits
Motion for Turnover
Appointing a Receiver
Writ of Execution
Property Exempt from Execution
Spousal Property
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